The Lingotell team helps safeguard the cultural heritage of minority language communities

Lingotell is a cooperation project between Sijti Jarnge (Norway), Fryske Akademy (The Netherlands) and Pro Progessione (Hungary). It uses traditional storytelling in a modern context as an identity creator by retelling, redesigning and redefining stories.

The partners use their extensive experience in the field of minority languages to explore the process of strengthening the indigenous and minority languages South Sámi, Frisian and Roma languages, and safeguarding the cultural heritage of these communities.

Sijti Jarnge

Sijti Jarnge is a South Sámi Cultural Center in the region of Nordland in Norway. They have the task of preserving, to make visible, and to strengthen and develop South Sami culture and language in their region. At the same time they work to create an environment for collaboration between cultures and people. They have previous experience with different projects with a great professional breadth, with focus on South Sámi language, terms, words and expressions, reindeer husbandry, land use, history and traditional knowledge. They also have previous experience in cooperating with institutions across the border.

Mercator European Research Centre

The Mercator European Research Centre is hosted by the Fryske Akademy (Frisian Academy), the centre for scientific research on all aspects of Frisian language, history and culture. The Fryske Akademy is affiliated with the Royal Dutch Academy of Sciences (KNAW) and is a part of the institute and research organization of the KNAW.

The Mercator European Research Centre is part of the European Mercator Network.

Mercator collects data about minority languages in education across Europe and takes on research in all aspects of multilingualism with a focus on education, attitudes and policy. Mercator also serves as a platform in Europe connecting researchers, policy makers and professionals involved in issues of minority languages and multilingualism. 


Pro Progressione is a Budapest-based artistic hub that connects people, professions and ambitions by designing international collaborations in the field of culture.

We promote socially engaged arts by connecting social, educational and artistic fields at the national and international level. We are proud to have carried out numerous projects all aiming to explore innovative ways of social inclusion and contribute to social transformation through the language of arts. In the last few years, our main focus has been on underprivileged youth. Our aim is to give these young people a chance to step out of their tight realities and meet new people, concepts and methods. 

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