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06-2024: ‘De Wylde Boerinne Revisited’: inspirational session on restorying, Ljouwert. 

Three workshops on restorying traditional tales will be given at cafe De Gouden Leeuw in Tresoar, Ljouwert. The main theme will be the story of ‘De Wylde Boerinne‘ (the wild farmer’s wife), which has been told in many different forms for over a century. 

What is a traditional story, exactly? Which choices are made when retelling the story in a different form, such as comic books, or theatre? How can we mix traditional and modern elements in retelling the story? And even: how can we make a story into a puzzle for an escape room?

The event will be in Frisian and the workshops are targeted at students from upper secondary education, but we invite anyone with an interest in literature, traditional stories and storytelling in all its many different forms to take part. Please register by sending an email with your name to

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