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Lingotell aims towards real change in how stories are managed and valued as a cultural heritage. With an innovative approach, it fuels storytelling of minority language communities in Europe. From cultural heritage to a shared future.

Traditional tales – modern tellings

Storytelling is a fundamental part of being human. Click to learn more about this EU-funded project.

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Lingotell is an international cooperation project. Click to learn more about the project partners and the languages.

Project outputs

Key factors in the art of retelling, redesigning and redefining stories. Click to get our digital package for free!

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South Sámi

South Sámi is spoken in Norway and Sweden. Sámi culture traditionally uses joiking to pass on knowledge and stories. Learn more…


Frisian is a regional minority language spoken in The Netherlands. Frisians know a long history of folk tales and literature. Learn more…

Roma languages

Hungary is home to Roma groups with different languages. Ballads and tales are very existential and important in the life of the Roma. Learn more…

The Lingotell team helps safeguard the cultural heritage of minority language communities

Lingotell is a cooperation project between Sijti Jarnge (Norway), Fryske Akademy (The Netherlands) and Pro Progessione (Hungary). It uses traditional storytelling in a modern context as an identity creator by retelling, redesigning and redefining stories.

The partners use their extensive experience in the field of minority languages to explore the process of strengthening the indigenous and minority languages South Sámi, Frisian and Roma languages, and safeguarding the cultural heritage of these communities.

Project Consortium

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